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 Coral Isabella Aurora has been composing music since she was fourteen years old. Her style of music, her voice, and her compositions are very unique. Using a compilation of string instruments, drums, and vocals, her music is one of a kind. Sample some of her songs here. 



 The Teenager's Guide to Surviving a Horror Film is a quirky young adult comedy told from the perception of a sarcastic teenage ghost. Fighting against the odds and a cursed mansion, can she save eight clueless teenagers by dawn? She has no heart, since she is dead, so why does her heart long for Jack? 

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 Get a signed copy of The Teenager's Guide to Surviving a Horror Film this year during the 2019 book tour. Also join us for a live reading by the author of the first two chapters. During signings, get a free special bookmark while supplies last. 

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Coral Isabella Aurora writes a blog that includes pictures of past appearances, signings, poetry, her thoughts, funny entries, Q & A, and more. Follow her to partake in the fun!

PEACE & WOLF Apparel Brand


Coral Isabella Aurora is the owner and designer for the ethical apparel shop Peace & Wolf, which specializes in punny animal and nature themed artwork. Peace & Wolf is proud to offer a large selection of Eco clothing.



Use the contact form to contact us about any questions on future appearances. Questions for wholesale, interviews, reviews, and to request a signing will be forwarded to her agent Jacks and Dragons. 

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About Coral Isabella Aurora

The Teenager’s Guide to Surviving a Horror Film is the first installment of the comedy series The Teenager’s Guide. Each book of the series has new characters and storylines.

Coral loved writing books as a child. The stories she created feature dazzling worlds, fantastic landscapes, vivid narratives, and heartfelt love stories. They are filled with hope, magic, and the impossible. Coral’s protector, who she remembers from past lifetimes, is her eternal love and muse for all her male protagonists. 

Currently, Coral also enjoys composing music and singing. In her spare time, she loves Asian dramas, films, food, and comedies. She enjoys walking her beautiful dog, evenings eating pizza and playing video games, and horseback riding.


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