About Coral Isabella Aurora

Early Work

 Coral Isabella Aurora took ballet and acting classes as a child. She also modeled and participated in commercials and magazines. She was one of the models in both a Cardi’s Furniture and Legal Seafood Commercial. 

As a teen

 As a teenager, she also took acting classes including a Trinity Rep class. She began composing and wrote her first novel. At fourteen years of age in 2008, Coral wrote her book series Moonfire, which was about one of her past lifetimes. The first book in Moonfire was originally around 800,000 words long. She continued this series until she was sixteen and it was copy written in 2012. This series was not published, partially due to its size, but may be released in the future.

During 2008 – 2009 Coral Isabella Aurora began composing music on the keyboard. At fourteen years of age, she created her first lengthy songs. One of the first songs she created finished at seven minutes. In October 2010, she composed her first official song with lyrics.

Her journey

 In 2011, unfortunately Coral became ill and walked a rocky path towards healing for years. In 2014, she bought a Native American Indian Dog puppy, named Kodak. This dog started training at nine weeks old to become a service dog. Kodak passed Canine Good Citizen and Advanced Canine Good Citizen. He graduated service dog training at three years old in Walt Disney World in December 2017. He is one of her greatest muses and inspired the emblem for Peace & Wolf.



In 2018, Coral opened her online shop Peace & Wolf. Her online fashion store consists of ethical, sweatshop free apparel, home goods, and accessories. Coral is both the artist and owner of Peace & Wolf Apparel. She loves designing punny animal and nature art. A cool feature of her brand is that all the t-shirt pages have fun facts. Peace & Wolf also offers an extensive collection of organic, ecopoly, bamboo, hemp, eco, USA made, and Canadian made products.

Coral believes in educating the public about wildlife and that by using our combined voices we can create a better earth.

In July 2019, Coral Isabella Aurora performed “Scream” in a video on YouTube. “Scream” is a very personal song that she composed, and will be one of the songs on her first album.

On August 17th 2019, her first book was published. The Teenager’s Guide to Surviving a Horror Film is a fun young adult horror comedy. This book was written in hopes it would make people laugh, sigh, and have spooky fun. Many of the creatures in this book are genuinely terrifying, while other dangerous elements are humorous. Told from the perception of a sarcastic, witty teenage ghost named Jacqueline, this hilarious tale follows the adventures of eight clueless teenagers who decide to stay the night in a cursed malevolent, murderous mansion. Who will survive until dawn?

August 17th 2019 – February 2020, Coral Isabella Aurora has a New England book tour. During the tour she will be performing special readings and signings books for her fans.

Stay tuned for more and follow Coral Isabella Aurora’s Wordpress blog and social media for future book, fashion, and song releases!